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January - February

Word Worth® is excited to be going to a bi-monthly format this year, publishing every two months. In our fast-paced world, we hope this will allow everyone a chance to relax and see the issue before it changes.

The editorial this month,  They Got Rid of the Wrong One by M H Perry, is unusual for us; our columnist Michael J. Cahill discusses the silence of good men. On the Arts we have kept a clip from a reading by poet Hale Chatfield.

March - April

March and April’s Word Worth® Magazine:  Our Editorial this month,  The Third Season by M H Perry, goes back to analysis of the modern Aristotelian tragedy, House of Cards; our Column by Sunny Woods is a sardonic look at winter—especially this one. In the Arts section, we have a well wrought work by Hiram College student, Shelby List.

May - June

Welcome to May and June’s Word Worth® Magazine.  Our Editorial this month is M H Perry's Keynote address to Eclectic Scholars of Hiram College; our Column is Pizza Giant by Susan Coburn. In the Arts section, we have Acrylic Miniatures by Marin Helz painted on eye glass lenses.

July - August

Welcome to July and August’s Word Worth®  Magazine. Our Editorial this month is Anna Seymour's Favorites; our Column is Nightfall by Michael J. Cahill. In the Arts section, we pleased to again have Poetry by Lisa Wiley.

September - October

Welcome to September and October’s Word Worth® Magazine.  Our Editorial this month is by M H Perry on William Wordsworth; our Column is about the Romantic poetry movement of which Wordsworth was the ultimate representative. In the Arts section, we are presenting one of our Rediscovering: this month William Wordsworth.

November - December

Welcome to November and December’s Word Worth® Magazine. Our Editorial What Do We Do with the Poor is by Anna Seymour; our Column is Dawn of Digital Art by Verna Marie O'Donnell. In the Arts section, we present O'Donnell's digital works.


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