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Moving AheadM H Perry


Random ActsMichael J. Cahill

   It has been a pleasure and honor for Word Worth® to have had readers and contributors from around the world for fifteen years with fourteen volumes. Our early years of publication were relatively early years for the internet as well. Many things have changed since we began. …We published world renowned poets and writers as well as lesser known ones. Alastair Reid told us that we did more for his reputation than did all his years at The New Yorker. Rita Banerji was an unknown when we first published her, and we were the first to review the book which made her a world figure. Our writers and artists, and our designs, have won international awards.

Photography by
Vira Katolik

   For years I’ve seen bumper stickers that promote random acts of kindness. I absolutely get the concept they’re going for and the phrase moves well across the palate... “Random Acts of Kindness.”

   But from a strictly clinical perspective, an act of kindness is anything but random. Real kindness requires genuine consideration and the very deliberate execution of a heartfelt deed.

   To me the words “Random" and "Kindness” constitute something of an oxymoron. The two terms are mutually exclusive, kind of like “Blind Faith” or “Microsoft Works.”


    Welcome to the new look of Word Worth Magazine!  We’ve chosen this format for its modern crispness and clarity, and for what we hope is an elegant reading experience. Take a look around the site–what do you think?

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    This month we feature a column on the magical nature of romantic relationships, by Michael J. Cahill; an editorial by M.H. Perry that explores classical themes in the popular TV show “House of Cards”; and in Arts, we visit the wonderful Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, in its definitive translation by Edward FitzGerald. We hope you enjoy the issue.

   Enjoy the issue, and stay in touch.

The March issue of Word Worth Magazine is ready for your enjoyment!

   This month brings us a delightful (and funny) look at humor by Michael J. Cahill, in Columns; the classic (and also funny) verse “The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay” by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. in Arts; and an essay that takes inspiration from Holmes’ piece by Sunny Woods in Editorials.

   We've added an easy-to-use Comments section at the bottom of each page, but you can still also write in to us here on Facebook!

   We hope you enjoy the issue.

Welcome to the April issue of Word Worth Magazine!  This month we are delighted to feature the remarkable artwork of David Kiphuth.  

Columnist Michael Cahill gives us a shrewd look at the way perceptions shape our reactions — and our editorial is a mirror to you!  What shapes the way you think about your world?  Take a moment, and tell us about it — and have a great month.

This month we feature a column on the actual values of what has traditionally been called ‘sin’, by columnist Michael J. Cahill, while in Arts we look at the marvelous rhythm of Algernon Charles Swinburne’s “Garden of Proserpine”.

In Editorals, Anna Seymour makes unusual points around the current Republican Party platform and gun politics.  Take a look around, and tell us: what do you think?


Welcome to summer, with the June issue of Word Worth Magazine!

This month we look at the delightful, sensory world of books, as Michael J. Cahill’s column makes us think about print versus digital.  

We also feature the art of antique books in Arts–do you have books like this at home?  How has the art of the written word changed, through the years?  

Our editorial also looks at the way words and media interact with our lives, calling out internet safety in the ever-changing online world.

Welcome to July’s Word Worth Magazine.  This month brings us a musing on the branches and fractals in our lives by columnist Michael J. Cahill, as well as a view of summer in the artful flowers on the Arts page.

The editorial is Part 1 of Adah, a series about an especially strong American.

Welcome to August’s Word Worth Magazine.  Our editorial this month is Adah Part II by Marin Hoelz; our columnist Michael J. Cahill explains why "The missing of a miracle is one of the greatest sadnesses a human being can know."

The Arts page features award winning photography by Jean Phillips.

Our Editorial this month is Adah Part III by Marin Hoelz; our Columnist Michael J. Cahill considers the nature of grief; and not only is banjo playing an art, but so is making banjo thimbles.
Our editorial this month is Adah Part IV by Marin Hoelz; our columnist Michael J. Cahill discusses the true nature of Work; and on the Arts page we have the marvelous and little known art of Intarsia by Kenn Reed.
  November &

Welcome to November and December’s Word Worth Magazine.  Our editorial this month is Unconditional Love by Sunny Woods; our columnist Michael J. Cahill discusses voice and quietness. On the Arts we have a clip from a reading by poet Hale Chatfield.


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