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 DalliancesMarin Helz


Newt and JackAnna Seymour

   In its response to its officials, the American electorate has been bi-polar. Kennedy and Johnson were allowed to waltz fornicating through the halls of government even, according to some of their victims, committing rape with impunity. Clinton was chased naked through the same halls as congressmen with pitch forks led by the obscene Kenneth Star followed close behind. Winter 1962    When asked if he wanted to respond to the ABC interview of his second ex-wife, Newt replied that interviewing an EX-WIFE just before a presidential primary debate was the closest thing to despicable that he could think of. No one else on the stage could have identified with that because none of them had an ex-wife.
   Most decent people feel that there are many things closer to despicable.

 What Rape IsAnna Seymour


Calling All RepublicansMarin Helz

   There seems to be some confusion in Congress about what rape is. One candidate confuses it with illegitimacy and apparently lacks the significant human capacity for empathy and therefore is not able to understand something he has not himself experienced... Photography

Jean King Phillips
  As children we rode our tricycles up and down the sidewalk chanting, “I like Ike!” My first pet was named Kitty Ike. My mother was a Republican all her life, and I have been a registered Republican for most of my voting life. To paraphrase a popular ad of some years ago, ...

 Reply to a ResponseMarin Helz


This NovemberDr. Sheenu Srinivasan

   I don’t understand the comment about “Muslim brotherhood.” It’s been conclusively demonstrated that President Obama is as Christian as anyone in this country. Given his endless capacity to turn the other cheek, he appears more truly Christian than many who pretend to that persuasion. What’s happening is that billionaires ... are spending tens of millions of dollars to spread lies about Obama because the President wants to pass the Buffet law, named after Warren Buffet—an honorable billionaire, who wants the tax rate for himself to be the same as ...  

Creative Non-Fiction


Charlie Callan

   You have homework to do, because the institutions that we depended upon to keep us informed have failed us. Much of the mainstream media, both print and electronic, have abdicated their responsibility to keep the electorate informed about issues: both pro and con. They focus on the trivia and sensationalize the largely irrelevant. As an example the Hartford Courant’s weeks-long investigative journalism proved that Chris Murphy is a middle class citizen finding it difficult to pay mortgages and rents on time while his uber-rich opponent has had similar missteps! Surely shouldn’t we need to know where they stand on issues that affect OUR lives?

 WelfareMarin Helz


Meghan McCainAnna Seymour

  A new group has sprung up which calls themselves “Men Getting Their Own Way.” They apparently are  concerned with welfare and offended that there is such a thing. They feel that there is no moral credit in welfare since they are forced to pay it through taxes and argue that there is no compassion in “bullying” people into helping the poor who need “to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed, and sheltered. If we’re compassionate, we’ll help them….” 
   The problem is that welfare has absolutely nothing to do with compassion.

Jean King Phillips
   We read your piece, Meghan, in The Daily Beast, entitled, “Meghan McCain on Why the Republican Party Needs to Wake Up.” We can’t imagine what you think you’re accomplishing. All the while that you’re clacking away at your keyboard, serious, big, important men are considering the future of the Republican party. They want the party to be inclusive to [all] ... men.... Men, Meghan! Women are rarely mentioned. Why are you interfering? Possibly, they will reach out to girls like you, but you really shouldn’t worry your pretty little head about such things.  It’s not lady-like.


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