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 Bullies RuleAnna Seymour


TrumpedMarin Hoelz

   The “Tea Party” did not want Gabrielle Giffords in Congress, and now she won’t be for a long, long time if ever. When she recovers, she may be like Jim Brady. While only the gunman is responsible for the murders, the “Tea Party” cannot shrug off responsibility for inciting the kind of hostility that generated this action. Nor can all those who prevented sensible gun control laws shed responsibility for this event. Banjo

Aurelia Perry

  ... The Donald strides in like a conquering emperor with his slightly truculent pout, but he becomes engaging nonetheless. The show is his attempt to transform his image from enfant terrible to wise patron. It’s amusing: he sits on a raised platform in a chair that looks much like a throne; everyone else is seated, and he comes in last; they address him as “Mister Trump” while he calls them by their first or nick names...

 Words MatterMarin Hoelz


Responsibility and AdolescenceShaun Bellavia

   In the aftermath of the Tucson shootings, individuals and organizations went out of their way to avoid exploiting or seeming to exploit the tragedy.  As a result, for a while, an effort was made to achieve accord. The two parties sat together at the following State of the Union Address. It’s important, none-the-less, not to strive so hard to avoid exploiting a tragedy that we neglect to learn from it. We’ve seen again and again that words lead to action, that irresponsible... Poetry by

Lisa Wiley

     Violence is everywhere: it is in the movies we watch, the games we play, and it is all around us influencing our lives. The problem is that children see us enjoy it, they watch it entertain us, and sometimes, we let it entertain them; having an adverse effect and problematic impact on the way their minds develop. Adolescent violence starts somewhere. For those of you that have children or plan on having children, there are some things you need to think about.

 Tips and Tricks for ...Graceann Macleod


...What the World SeesJennifer Campbell

   I've been lamenting a remarkable lack of civility for some time now, and I've even written about it here once before.  Perhaps a primer is in order, with some specifics that will, maybe unfortunately, give you a window into my pet peeves.  So here, presented in my biased and completely unscientific manner, is a list of “Pleases” that may go unnoticed by the rude people with whom you share your world, but might make you feel like a better person for putting them into practice.

Poetry by

Perry Nicholas

   The book’s central conceit is that what a writer presents to the world is not the complete truth.  Once a poem is released into the world, it is subject to the whims and conjectures of the audience.  Reminiscent of Jorge Luis Borges’ parable “Borges and I,” at times it is difficult to divide the man’s truth from the truth of the poet’s expression.  And like Borges, Nicholas the man is a shadow-self that cannot be fully separated from the work.

 The Test of TimeM H Perry


MetaphorM H Perry

    Many works of art and artists come and go like summer mosquitoes. A number of them buzz around enjoying great attention for brief periods of time. “Poets” Eddie Guest and Rod McKuen are exemplars of this. Their “art” does not last because there is no depth to it. They speak to the spirit of a moment in time and space. Poets like this are referred to poetasters—meaning bad poets. There is nothing wrong with them,...

Word Worth
   Metaphor is more important in poetry than is rhyme. Anyone who wishes to write well and convey truly complicated truths in any writing form must study and practice using it.
   Simply put, a metaphor is saying that one thing is another. “Why would anyone want to do that?” is the logical response: why should someone say that an apple is a rose?—for example.


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