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Election 2000                                           Marin Hoelz

November & December 2000

Natural Born Killers                         Susan Johnson

 Election 2000 has vividly demonstrated that there are serious problems with our election system and that the Electoral College is, at best, a scapegoat. The real problem lies with inconsistency and inaccuracy.
    It is appalling that one candidate can be ahead by 10,000 votes, then behind...

Season's Poem and Photograph

Thorns and thistles were not part of the original landscaping plan for the Garden of Eden. Only nice plants  were to be put there, plants that were "pleasant to the sight and good for food" according to Gen. ii, 9...
   Unfortunately, as we've read, the young couple moving  into the development provoked the landscape designer, ...

Hale Chatfield, Poet                                      M.H.Perry


Havasupai                                          Susan Johnson

[March 26, 1936 - November 23, 2000]
A great poet, like any great artist, must reveal what is extraordinary in the ordinary and what is ordinary in the extraordinary. There is the adage, There is nothing new under the sun. The artist must make it new....Artists must bring that sense of discovery, or rediscovery, to the vision that they present. They must do so with excellence in their craft, their medium. Hale Chatfield was able to renew the vision in words that were finely ....

Hale Chatfield

On one side of the trailhead are hikers arriving in Jeeps, Expeditions, and Land Rovers, unloading backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, water bottles and cameras. On the other side are grizzled Havasupai rustlers and guides strapping dusty canvas sacks filled with mail and parcels onto packhorses and mules. It’s an intersection where those who wish to appear to live and travel in the wilderness meet those who actually do....

Driven to Distraction                          Susan Johnson


A Valentine for my Mother

Bathing is about the only thing we don't do in our cars these days. And we'd probably do that if there were faucets....driven are we to get the most out of every minute ...that time spent in the car is rarely confined to steering .... motorists eat, drink, read, telephone, shave, even change clothes....


by A W Helz

"I would have married her the  next morning," he said to me. As it was, they were married a month and a half later, and were together for the rest of their lives.

The Peter Pan Generation                        Marin Hoelz


Thyme for the Millennium              Susan Johnson

A number of people in the rising generation exhibit what I will call the Peter Pan Syndrome. This seems to be characterized not so much by an unwillingness to take on adult responsibilities as it is by a complete inability to imagine themselves in adult roles...the affected ...seem to be among the brightest and the best of their generation.

Photography by

David Clark

Parsley, sage, rosemary  and thyme formed the chorus for an Old English canticle called "Scarborough Fair". Borrowed by Simon and Garfunkel for the soundtrack in "The Graduate", this folk ballad and its herbal references were imprinted on the memories of a generation of moviegoers.

Everyday Linguistics                                Marin Hoelz


Great Lakes Racing                          Susan Johnson

...After doing that, she stated that she could in fact send me a letter verifying that the statement about late payments had been sent to me erogenously. This generated a full twenty second pause in the conversation as I tried to imagine what such a thing might entail.

Father Heart

by Banwell Goddard

Southwest winds heat the August night, sending whitecaps to pound Lake Erie’s coastline. Warm air filling her sails, Kintama .... Built for elegance as much as speed, the 44-foot cruiser-racer needs only fingertips on her helm to do her skipper’s bidding.

Parents As Friends                                   Marin Hoelz


Wedding Flowers                              Susan Johnson

When children become teenagers, their safety depends upon their parents’ having established parental authority. Those who have that authority are able to tell their children that they cannot....

Chapter 2
Father Heart

by Banwell Goddard

Flowers are as indispensable to a wedding as the ring, but while rings haven't changed much over the years, the selections of nuptial nosegays have come to reflect the very individual personalities....

Moving East of the Dawn                        Marin Hoelz


Buffalo in Bloom                              Susan Johnson

The new old Traditional Neighborhood Developments  are a response to the housing developments which are a reaction to the many constructions in the 1950's which were immortalized in the song which mocked, Little boxes on the hillside...they're all made out of ticky tacky, and they all look just the same.

Chapter 3

 Father Heart

by Banwell Goddard

"Where you tend a rose my love, a thistle cannot grow." The beauty of this quotation from Frances Hodgson Burnett's book,  The Secret Garden, lies in the cadence of its syllables and also in the truth that it holds not only for gardeners and their flowers but for the cultivation of the hearts and minds of everyone.

Independence Values                              Marin Hoelz


The Sixth Extinction                          Susan Johnson

It was the strongly held values of Americans before they were Americans that engendered the day we now honor as Independence Day. A strong sense of values seems to be an American characteristic, yet the antithetical nature of our wide beliefs threatens to engender confrontation rather than creative conflict.

Chapter 4

Father Heart

by Banwell Goddard

Spiral aloe (Aloe polyphylla) is not extinct. Not yet, anyway. It grows naturally in only one small South African country named Lesotho, where it is the national flower. Considered by many to be among the most unusual plants in the world, it is protected by international treaties and endangered plant trade agreements.

Pro Life and Choice                                 Marin Hoelz


Field Of Dreams                                Susan Johnson

     I have long felt that if one asked someone what their view on the abortion issue was, and they could answer in less than five minutes, they hadn’t thought deeply enough about the subject to be taken seriously. This seems more true now than ever.

Chapter 5

Father Heart

by Banwell Goddard

Flying carpets were just one of the literary wonders that French scholar Antoine Galland discovered when he began his translation of One Thousand and One Nights... in the early 1700's. ...carpets...had fascinated ancient rulers

The Censorship Conundrum                    Marin Hoelz


Organic Gardening                          Susan Johnson

For good reason, censorship is politically incorrect and mentioning it favorably is social anathema. Our founding forebears had borne the brunt of the harmful effects of censorship and set deep protections in the foundation of the county to withstand its assaults. In the recently departed century, we saw how deadly ....

Chapter 6

Father Heart

by Banwell Goddard

In 1939, Paul Muller, a Swiss chemist, identified DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane) as an effective pesticide. He later won the Nobel Prize for his innovations with the chemical. Twenty-three years later, in 1962, Rachel Carson, an American Mariene biologist, published Silent Spring identifying DDT as a deadly

Learning The Right Lessons                      Marin Hoelz


Fall Colors                                         Susan Johnson

 ...  Over the country, the guard is asleep at the gate, the watch is absent from the tower.
    Our first lesson needs to be more respect for and adherence to regulatory procedures. This is currently absent from the simplest to the most serious areas of our daily lives.

Chapter 7

Father Heart

by Banwell Goddard

     The scientific basis for the beauty of fall foliage has two elements--both caused by the tilt of the earth's axis to the plane of its orbit. The earth's orbit is 23.5 degrees off perpendicular. ...Thanks to the tilt, we have four glorious seasons ....

...A Double Edged Sword                        Marin Hoelz


Suddenly, It's Clear                           Susan Johnson

It is acceptance of variation, the tolerance of differences, that has elevated us to a position of extraordinary world influence. When, however, we embrace the intolerant, we step to the brink of cultural suicide, .... When we tolerate the intolerable, we allow our own culture to be as desecrated as clear water is by an oil spill.

Chapter 8

Father Heart

by Banwell Goddard

Two generations of Americans were taught a cruel but remedial lesson in the importance of personal responsibility on the 11th of September. For several thousand people, it came too late. For the rest of us, whether we are lucky enough to live, or if we must die similarly unnecessary deaths, will depend on whether or not we paid attention this time.

Season of the Evergreen                         Marin Hoelz


Bah Humbug!                                     Susan Johnson

Whenever I think of December, I think of darkness: short days with violet colored nights.  Always there is the evergreen and the lights. The darkness and the glow bring back memories of those with whom this time was once celebrated

Father Heart

The Conclusion

by Banwell Goddard

Our family is small but through marriage has become rich in detail. Five religions, four generations, smokers and non-smokers, carnivores and vegetarians, and a couple of other opposing variations turn Christmas into a nightmare of sensitivities. Navigating this maze of sore spots when we could be having fun seems like a waste of time.


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